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Variability in sugarcane under saline condition
Sixteen sugarcane varieties of early and midlate maturity group were taken to study variability for morphological as well as quality characters under saline condition. Morphological characters likeExpand
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Assessment of Genetic Parameters for Various Productive Traits in Early Maturing Sugarcane
The cultivated varieties of sugarcane are interspecific hybrids involving at least three species, S. officinarum, S. barberi and S. spontaneum which themselves represent complex polyploidy. TheExpand
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Resource Conservation Technology for Weed Management
Weeds reduce crop yields and can lead to total crop failures if not controlled. Weeds continue to be an important constraint in crop production. Despite the best efforts made in research andExpand
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Losses Due to Red Rot Pathogen in Cane Juice Quality
In India sugarcane is cultivated in an area of 5.3 million ha with total production of 346 million tons and it has productivity of 64.7 t/ha. In Bihar, it is cultivated in 0.3 million ha with totalExpand
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Diversity Studies in Plant and Ratoon Crops for Selection of Profitable Sugarcane Genotypes Tolerant to Water Logging.
ISSN: 2319-7706 Volume 8 Number 09 (2019) Journal homepage: http://www.ijcmas.com Studies on genetic divergence in sugarcane plant and ratoon crops involving sixteen genotypes planted at RAU PusaExpand