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High-Dimensional Chaos in dissipative and Driven Dynamical Systems
This paper reports on various methods of generating and investigating nonlinear, dissipative and driven dynamical systems that exhibit high-dimensional chaos, and reviews recent results in this new field of research. Expand
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The Onset of Chaos in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Determined with a New Fractal Technique
A new fractal technique is used to investigate the onset of chaos in nonlinear dynamical systems. A comparison is made between this fractal technique and the commonly used Lyapunov exponent method.Expand
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Method to determine cutoff frequencies for acoustic waves propagating in nonisothermal media.
A method to determine cutoff frequencies for linear acoustic waves propagating in nonisothermal media is introduced. The developed method is based on wave variable transformations that lead toExpand
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Sophie's Diary
1. Awakening 2. Discovery 3. Introspection 4. Under siege 5. Upon the threshold 6. Intellectual discovery 7. Knocking on Heaven's door Author's note A biographical sketch of Marie-Sophie GermainExpand
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Chaos and routes to chaos in coupled Duffing oscillators with multiple degrees of freedom
New results are reported on the routes to chaos in increasingly complex Duffing oscillator systems, which are formed by coupling several oscillators, thereby increasing the number of degrees ofExpand
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The Marquise du Chatelet: A Controversial Woman of Science
No woman of science has lived a more controversial life nor possessed a most contrasting character than Gabrielle Emilie Le Tonnelier, Marquise du Chatelet. One one hand, she was a woman of greatExpand
Euler and the Bernoullis
Sophie Germain set out to derive the mathematical theory to describe the complex phenomena manifested on Chladni’s vibrating plates. To do that, Germain sought to obtain a clear understanding of theExpand
Pensées de Germain
Sophie Germain was a mathematician, a physicist, and a philosopher. She left us a legacy that portrays a deeply sensitive woman who was curious about the world and studied diverse subjects such asExpand
Germain and Her Biharmonic Equation
What prompted Sophie Germain to enter the prize competition to derive a theory for vibrating surfaces? Did she see the contest as a source of mathematical knowledge and sought to advance her ownExpand
Sophie Germain: Revolutionary Mathematician