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Notes to self: the visual culture of selfies in the age of social media
This paper explores the cultural fascination with social media forms of self-portraiture, commonly known as “selfies,” with a specific interest in the self-imaging strategies of young women in theirExpand
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American Burn Association consensus statements.
Abstract : Development of metrics for burn care, including healing of skin wounds during the acute phase of treatment, is essential in an environment of decreasing resources and increasing interestExpand
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Interacting with Large Distributed Datasets Using Sketch
We present Sketch, a library and a distributed runtime for building interactive tools for exploring large datasets, distributed across multiple machines. Expand
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Hip-Hop vs. High Art: Notes on Race as Spectacle
From politicians and television talking heads to cultural critics and exhibition curators, hip-hop is on everyone's lips these days. The music and the culture that it has sparked have gained aExpand
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Summary of the 2012 ABA Burn Quality Consensus Conference
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When the grass isn't greener: a case series of young children with accidental marijuana ingestion.
Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in Canada, with 10% of the general population admitting to its use in the past year. This high prevalence increases risk of accidental ingestion inExpand
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Improving Policy Verification Capabilities of Trusted Platforms
Verifiable trust is a desirable property for computing platf orms – a user has a fundamental interest in knowing whether a computing platform about to be used behave s s expected. Current systemsExpand
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The ABA ’ s Pursuit of Excellence : A Long and Winding Road ... to Your Door
Quality is generally recognized to have three components: structure, process, and outcomes. The American Burn Association (ABA) has a long history of trying to improve quality of care for patientsExpand
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black belt: The Studio Museum in Harlem
T he Studio Museum in Harlem's most recent blockbuster exhibition, "Black Belt," was an eccentric and playful showing of nineteen artists of Asian and African American descent. Organized by ChristineExpand