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Regulating sustainability in the coffee sector: A comparative analysis of third-party environmental and social certification initiatives
Certification and labeling initiatives that seek to enhance environmental and social sustainability are growing rapidly. This article analyzes the expansion of these private regulatory efforts in theExpand
Fair trade coffee: building producer capacity via global networks
This article examines the ongoing rapid expansion in Fair Trade coffee networks linking Northern consumers with producers in the global South. We provide a comparative analysis of the experiences ofExpand
Fair Trade. The Challenges of Transforming Globalization
SECTION I: Introduction 1 - Globalization and its Antinomies: Negotiating a Fair Trade Movement Douglas L. Murray and Laura T. Raynolds 2 - Fair / Alternative Trade: Historical and EmpiricalExpand
The future of Fair Trade coffee: dilemmas facing Latin America's small-scale producers
Fair Trade has become a dynamic and successful dimension of an emerging counter-tendency to the neo-liberal globalisation regime. This study explores some of the dilemmas facing the Fair TradeExpand
Cultivating Crisis: The Human Cost of Pesticides in Latin America
Preface 1. Development's Unkept Promise 2. Pesticides and the Central American Cotton Boom 3. Cotton and the Pesticide Crisis 4. Addressing the Crisis through Nontraditional Agriculture 5. PesticidesExpand
Keeping trade fair: governance challenges in the fair trade coffee initiative
Fair trade has gained attention as an innovative market-based mechanism for addressing social and environmental problems exacerbated by conventional global markets. Yet such initiatives are alsoExpand
Claim no easy victories: evaluating the pesticide industry's Global Safe Use campaign.
Abstract The pesticide industry’s Global Safe Use campaign has reportedly produced a dramatic decline in pesticide-related health and environmental problems in Guatemala. This paper challenges thisExpand