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Characterization of a new human diploid cell strain, IMR-90.
A new human diploid fibroblast-like cell line has been established from lung tissue of a female fetus. This has been frozen away in large quantity and characterized for use in research and relatedExpand
A taxonomic hierarchy and checklist of the genera and higher taxa of marine nematodes
The genera and higher taxa of free-living marine nematodes are presented in the form of a taxonomic hierarchy with an alphabetical list of doubtful genera, an alphabetized index to all taxa in the hierarchy, and a list of the literature cited. Expand
Numerous transitions in human parainfluenza virus 3 RNA recovered from persistently infected cells.
The data indicate that biased hypermutational activity leading to U To C and A to G mutations operates in cultured cells during persistent HPIV3 infections. Expand
Mycoplasma Infection of Cell Cultures
Clinical Importance of Detecting Mycoplasma Contamination of Cell Cultures and Phenotypic Alterations in Mammalian Cell Lines After MyCoplasma Infection are studied. Expand
An initial report on a collection of Chilean marine nematodes.
This study represents a partial coverage of a nematode collection made in Chile by Dr. G e r d H a rtm ann and Dr. G esa H a r t m a n n S c h r ö d er , prepared in con­ junction with the honoringExpand
Ultrastructural and cytochemical changes in cultured human lung cells.
Human diploid cells (WI-38) in culture show marked ultrastructural and cytochemical differences from the various mesenchymal cells present in the fetal lung, and a complex system of microtubules and filaments develops in the cultured cells, which show an abundance of microvesicles formed at both the cell surface and in the Golgi. Expand