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Minimum Sample Size Recommendations for Conducting Factor Analyses
There is no shortage of recommendations regarding the appropriate sample size to use when conducting a factor analysis. Suggested minimums for sample size include from 3 to 20 times the number of
Early indications of resilience and their relation to experiences in the home environments of low birthweight, premature children living in poverty.
Overall, premature LBW children born into conditions of poverty have a very poor prognosis of functioning within normal ranges across all the dimensions of health and development assessed, however, those raised in a setting with 3 or more protective factors were more likely to show early signs of resiliency.
Sample Sizes When Using Multiple Linear Regression for Prediction
When using multiple regression for prediction purposes, the issue of minimum required sample size often needs to be addressed. Using a Monte Carlo simulation, models with varying numbers of
Bonferroni Adjustments in Tests for Regression Coefficients
University of Northern Colorado A common application of multiple linear regression is to build a model that contains only those predictors that are significantly related to the response. In so doing,
A Monte Carlo comparison of the Type I and Type II error rates of tests of multivariate normality
Many multivariate statistical methods call upon the assumption of multivariate normality (MVN). However, many researchers fail to test this assumption. This omission could be due to either ignorance
An Appraisal and Bibliography of Tests for Multivariate Normality
This paper is a review of many of the dozens of procedures currently available for testing a data set for goodness‐of‐fit to the multivariate normal distribution. A majority of the procedures can be
A factor analytic study of the infant-toddler and early childhood versions of the HOME Inventory administered to white, black, and Hispanic american parents of children born preterm.
Factor analyses were performed on the Infant-Toddler and the Early Childhood versions of the HOME Inventory for 3 groups (blacks, whites, and Hispanics) of premature, low-birthweight children.
REGULAR ARTICLES Recommended Sample Size for Conducting Exploratory Factor Analysis on Dichotomous Data
Minimum sample sizes are recommended for conducting exploratory factor analysis on dichotomous data. A Monte Carlo simulation was conducted, varying the level of communalities, number of factors,
A Reexamination of the Association Between HOME Scores and Income
The results indicated that the quality of the home environment, as measured by the HOME Inventory, is related to children's development.
Evaluating Statistics Texts Used in Education
Evaluating texts is an important activity associated with teaching statistics. Surprisingly, the statistical education literature offers little guidance on how these evaluations should be conducted.