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Digital Underlife in the Networked Writing Classroom
Abstract This article offers a theoretical framework for ‘digital underlife’: the distal and potentially transgressive discursive activities proliferated by emerging technologies. Digital underlifeExpand
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Surveying Drifting Icebergs and Ice Islands: Deterioration Detection and Mass Estimation with Aerial Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning
We assess the precision and utility of aerial photography surveying with structure-from-motion multi-view stereo photogrammetry processing (SfM) and vessel-based terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) for iceberg deterioration detection and mass estimation. Expand
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Grasping Rhetoric and Composition by Its Long Tail: What Graphs Can Tell Us about the Field's Changing Shape.
Presented as a series of graphs, bibliographic data gathered from College Composition and Communication provides perspective useful for inquiring into the changing shape of the field as it continuesExpand
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Optimizing product yield using manufacturing defect weights
Yield of 45nm products can be optimized by adjusting how the router is run. While forcing wiring to upper levels adds wire length and increases the number of vias, sensitivity to random defects isExpand
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Oil detection in RADARSAT-2 quad-polarization imagery: implications for ScanSAR performance
Environment Canada's Integrated Satellite Tracking of Pollution (ISTOP) program uses RADARSAT-2 data to vector pollution surveillance assets to areas where oil discharges/spills are suspected in support of enforcement and/or cleanup efforts. Expand
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The present invention describes a method for hydrocracking and/or hydrotreating hydrocarbon-containing feeds using a catalyst comprising at least one hydro-dehydrogenizing metal selected from theExpand
The role of guilt and shame in predicting proenvironmental behaviors
The present study examined the interaction between specific emotions (guilt and shame) and their influence on proenvironmental behaviors (PEBs). The model proposed was a decision making model thatExpand