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Public Choice III
This book represents a considerable revision and expansion of Public Choice II (1989). Six new chapters have been added, and several chapters from the previous edition have been extensively revised.
Profits in the Long Run
Profits in the Long Run asks two questions: Are there persistent differences in profitability across firms? If so, what accounts for them? This book answers these questions using data for the 1000
Public choice II
1. Introduction Part I. Origins of State: 2. The reasons for collective choice - allocative efficiency 3. Allocative efficiency or redistribution Part II. Public Choice in a Direct Democracy: 4. The
Rates of Return on Corporate Investment
In the last two decades productivity has lagged in the United States, markets have been lost to foreign competition, real income per capita has grown slowly. This experience has led to considerable
A Theory of Conglomerate Mergers
I. The growth maximization hypothesis, 644. — II. The demand and supply of firms when managers maximize stockholder welfare, 648. — III. The demand and supply of firms when managers and stockholders