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The Role of Organizations in Fostering Public Service Motivation
In seeking to explain the antecedents of public service motivation, James Perry focuses on the formative role of sociohistorical context. Th is study tests Perry’s theory and examines the role thatExpand
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The Dynamics of Performance Management: Constructing Information and Reform
Introduction 1. An Era of Governance by Performance Management 2. Performance Management as Doctrine 3. The Partial Adoption of Performance Management Reforms in State Government 4. Explaining theExpand
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Finding Workable Levers Over Work Motivation
This article draws on a sample of state government health and human service managers to develop and test a model of work motivation. The authors examine the effect of individual attributes, jobExpand
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Pulling the Levers: Transformational Leadership, Public Service Motivation, and Mission Valence
This article contributes to our understanding of public service motivation and leadership by investigating ways in which organizational leaders can reinforce and even augment the potential effects ofExpand
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The Big Question for Performance Management: Why Do Managers Use Performance Information?
This article proposes that understanding public employee use of performance information is perhaps the most pressing challenge for scholarship on performance management. Governments have devotedExpand
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Goal‐Based Learning and the Future of Performance Management
All levels of government have begun to pursue results-based reforms, which assume that managers will use performance information to make better decisions. However, reforms have neglected the insightsExpand
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The Network Governance of Crisis Response: Case Studies of Incident Command Systems
This article examines the application of a structural innovation known as Incident Command Systems (ICS) in different crises. The ICS seeks to coordinate multiple response organizations under aExpand
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Setting the Table: How Transformational Leadership Fosters Performance Information Use
The article offers a theory of how leadership affects the implementation of management reforms. The central premise of this theory is that leadership can have important but easyto-miss indirectExpand
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The Ties that Bind: Social Networks, Person-Organization Value Fit, and Turnover Intention
This article examines the influence of social networks and value congruence on turnover intention among public and nonprofit employees. We argue that employees exist in social networks inside andExpand
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Managing for Results in State Government: Evaluating a Decade of Reform
State governments in the United States have enthusiastically embraced the idea of managing for results. This appears to represent a victory for New Public Management policy ideas transferred from NewExpand
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