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Galactic Magnetism: Recent developments and perspectives
▪ Abstract We discuss current observational and theoretical knowledge of magnetic fields, especially the large-scale structure in the disks and halos of spiral galaxies. Among other topics, weExpand
Long-term persistence of solar active longitudes and its implications for the solar dynamo theory
Abstract We present an overview of the observational results related to the existence of long-lived sunspot active longitudes. These are affected by the solar differential rotation. The existence ofExpand
Grand Minima of Solar Activity and the Mean-Field Dynamo
We demonstrate that a simple solar dynamo model, in the form of a Parker migratory dynamo with random fluctuations of the dynamo governing parameters and algebraic saturation of dynamo action, can atExpand
Intermittent behaviour in axisymmetric mean-field dynamo models in spherical shells
ABSTRA C T Axisymmetric mean-field dynamo models in spherical shells are shown to be capable of producing temporally intermittent behaviour. This is of potential importance since (i) it is, as far asExpand