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Chemistry of Illite-Smectite Inferred from TEM Measurements of Fundamental Particles
Mixed-layer illite-smectites (I-S) have a stable charge on the illite interlayer equal to 0.89/O 10 (OH) 2 , as shown by electron microscope measurements of mean fundamental particle thickness, usingExpand
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Chemistry of Illite/Smectite and End-Member Illite
Chemical data from three different series of diagenetic illite/smectites (I/S), analyzed statistically by two regresion techniques, indicate that the content of fixed-K per illite layer is notExpand
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Thermal analysis studies of the dolomite-ferroan dolomite-ankerite series. II. decomposition mechanism in flowing CO2 atmosphere
Abstract Ankerites and ferroan dolomites [Ca(Mg,Fe)(CO3)2] dissociate in three stages to give characteristic three-endothermic-peaked DTA curves which correspond to three weight loss steps on TGExpand
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Distribution and tectonic setting of Ordovician K-bentonites in the United Kingdom
Twenty-five Ordovician K-bentonite samples ranging in age from Llanvirn to Ashgill and representing both sides of the lapetus suture were analysed by INAA and XRF and compared on magmatic andExpand
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Effects on SOx and NOx Emissions by Co-Firing Straw and Pulverized Coal
The effect of co-firing straw and pulverized coal has been investigated in a 2.5 MWt pilot-scale burner and a 250 MWe utility boiler. In the 2.5 MWt trial the straw was chopped and fed separately toExpand
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