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Non-spherical seeding 3D positioning from CCD images using Lorenz-Mie theory
This paper describes the imaging of spherical and non-spherical particle diffraction patterns using plane-wave illumination. A discussion is presented on both the theoretical analysis of theExpand
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A portable multi-syringe flow system for spectrofluorimetric determination of iodide in seawater.
A miniaturized analyzer encompassing a poly(methyl methacrylate) chip with integrated spectrofluorimetric detection and solutions propelling by a multi-syringe module is proposed. Iodide wasExpand
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Chips: How to build and implement fluidic devices in flow based systems.
The development of automatic analyzers based on flow techniques involves the use and continuous innovation of fluidic devices. New trends tend toward miniaturization of sophisticated fluidicExpand
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Particle positioning from CCD images: experiments and comparison with the generalized Lorenz-Mie theory
This paper describes the experimental imaging of a spherical particle diffraction pattern obtained in back, forward and side scattering configurations, using illumination from three different beamExpand
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Efficiency of Thermally Assisted Capacitive Mixing and Deionization Systems
The temperature of an input solution to an environmental technology can vary greatly depending on numerous industrial and environmental factors. For capacitive mixing (CapMix) and deionization (CDI...
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Modeling pressure and saturation distribution in a CO 2 storage project using a Surrogate Reservoir Model (SRM)
Capturing carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) from large point sources and depositing it in a geological formation is an efficient way of decreasing CO 2 concentration in the atmosphere. A comprehensive study isExpand
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Using Big Data and Smart Field Technology for Detecting Leakage in a CO2 Storage Project
Smart Fields are distinguished with two characteristics: Big Data and Real-Time access. A small smart field with only ten wells can generate more than a billion data points every year. This data isExpand
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Influence of hydrogen on microstructure and dynamic strength of lean duplex stainless steel
In this research dynamic strength is analyzed for the first time in a lean duplex stainless steel (LDS) uncharged and charged with hydrogen. In particular, the dynamic yield stress (Hugoniot elasticExpand
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Dynamic fracture and spall in aluminum with helium bubbles
Investigation of the dynamic properties of aluminum targets with helium bubbles is presented. The targets were obtained by melting pure aluminum with 0.15% wt.10B powder. The solid targets wereExpand
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Mapping Charge Percolation in Flowable Electrodes Used in Capacitive Deionization
Electrical percolation in flow electrode capacitive deionization is critical in order to mitigate electronic resistance and maximize ion electrosorption. It is experimentally challenging, toExpand
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