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Effect of an Enzyme Preparation Containing Pentosanases on the Bread-making Quality of Flours in Relation to Changes in Pentosan Properties
Abstract The effects of a crude pentosanase-containing enzyme preparation were studied on 12 samples of flour varying in quality for French bread making. At the optimal level of addition, the enzymeExpand
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Cultivated microalgae and the carotenoid fucoxanthin from Odontella aurita as potent anti-proliferative agents in bronchopulmonary and epithelial cell lines.
The antiproliferative activities of several extracts from cultivated microalgae in France have been studied against bronchopulmonary and epithelial cell lines, respectively (A549, NSCLC-N6 and SRAExpand
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Cytotoxic lupane-type triterpenoids from Acacia mellifera.
One new and eight previously described lupane-type metabolites were isolated for the first time from Acacia mellifera (Leguminosae). Based on spectral analyses, the structure of the new compound wasExpand
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Cytotoxic activity of Origanum dictamnus.
Several extracts of Origanum dictamnus, an endemic plant of Greece growing only in the island of Crete and the bioassay-directed isolated ursolic acid, were tested in vitro against the P388 (murineExpand
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Cytotoxic cuparene sesquiterpenes from Laurencia microcladia
Abstract Three new cuparene sesquiterpenes 1 – 3 were isolated from the organic extract of the red alga Laurencia microcladia , collected at Chios island in the North Aegean Sea, Greece. TheExpand
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Drug-induced increase in lysobisphosphatidic acid reduces the cholesterol overload in Niemann-Pick type C cells and mice
Most cells acquire cholesterol by endocytosis of circulating LDLs. After cholesteryl ester de-esterification in endosomes, free cholesterol is redistributed to intracellular membranes via unclearExpand
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The hydrolysis of extracellular adenine nucleotides by arterial smooth muscle cells. Regulation of adenosine production at the cell surface.
The extracellular reaction sequence ATP----ADP----AMP----adenosine participates in regulating the time course of cellular response during crisis or signaling events, such as thrombus formation orExpand
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Lupane triterpenoids from Acacia mellifera with cytotoxic activity.
Three new pentacyclic triterpenoids: (20R)-3-oxolupan-30-al (1), (20S)-3-oxolupan-30-al (2) and (20R)-28-hydroxylupen-30-al-3-one (3), along with (20S)-3beta-hydroxylupan-30-al (4), the latterExpand
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Cytotoxic bromoditerpenes from the red alga Sphaerococcus coronopifolius
Abstract Three new brominated diterpenes (1, 2, 8), along with six previously reported metabolites (3–7, 9), were isolated from the organic extract of Sphaerococcus coronopifolius, collected inExpand
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