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Channel-reach morphology in mountain drainage basins
A classification of channel-reach morphology in mountain drainage basins synthesizes stream morphologies into seven distinct reach types: colluvial, bedrock, and five alluvial channel types (cascade,Expand
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A physically based model for the topographic control on shallow landsliding
A model for the topographic influence on shallow landslide initiation is developed by coupling digital terrain data with near-surface through flow and slope stability models. The hydrologic modelExpand
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A systematic analysis of eight decades of incipient motion studies, with special reference to gravel-bedded rivers
Data compiled from eight decades of incipient motion studies were used to calculate dimensionless critical shear stress values of the median grain size, t* c 50 . Calculated t* c 50 values wereExpand
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Soil erosion and agricultural sustainability
  • D. Montgomery
  • Medicine, Environmental Science
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 14 August 2007
Data drawn from a global compilation of studies quantitatively confirm the long-articulated contention that erosion rates from conventionally plowed agricultural fields average 1–2 orders ofExpand
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Topographic controls on erosion rates in tectonically active mountain ranges
The functional relationship between erosion rate and topography is central to understanding both controls on global sediment flux and the potential for feedback between tectonics, climate, andExpand
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Landslide erosion controlled by hillslope material
Landslide erosion is a primary control of landscape relief. A wide-ranging analysis of landslide geometry shows that soil-based landslides are generally less voluminous than landslides that involveExpand
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ABSTRACT: The concept of process domains is proposed as an alternative to the River Continuum Concept for the influence of geomorphic processes on aquatic ecosystems. Broadly defined, the ProcessExpand
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Field surveys document the accumulation of large woody debris (LWD) into structurally distinctive jam types in the alluvial channel of the Queets River on the Olympic Peninsula of north westExpand
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Geologic constraints on bedrock river incision using the stream power law
Denudation rate in unextended terranes is limited by the rate of bedrock channel incision, often modeled as work rate on the channel bed by water and sediment, or stream power. The latter can beExpand
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Digital elevation model grid size, landscape representation, and hydrologic simulations
High-resolution digital elevation data from two small catchments in the western United States are used to examine the effect of digital elevation model (DEM) grid size on the portrayal of the landExpand
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