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Indicators for comparing performance of irrigated agricultural systems
Indicators for comparing performance of irrigated agricultural systems , Indicators for comparing performance of irrigated agricultural systems , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی
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Improving agricultural water productivity: Between optimism and caution
In its broadest sense, water productivity (WP) is the net return for a unit of water used. Improvement of water productivity aims at producing more food, income, better livelihoods and ecosystemExpand
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Accounting for water use and productivity
This paper presents a conceptual framework for water accounting and provides generic terminologies and procedures to describe the status of water resource use and consequences of water resourcesExpand
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Saving water: from field to fork. Curbing losses and wastage in the food chain
oped and developing countries, sub-sovereign national bodies, universities and research institutes, community organisations, banks and private investors, aid donors, multilateral financialExpand
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Performance Measures for Evaluation of Irrigation‐Water‐Delivery Systems
Performance measures are developed that facilitate analysis of irrigation‐water delivery systems in terms of adequacy, efficiency, dependability, and equity of water delivery. The measures provide aExpand
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A water-productivity framework for understanding and action
In Kijne, J. W.; Barker, R.; Molden. D. (Eds.). Water productivity in agriculture: limits and opportunities for improvement. Wallingford, UK: CABI; Colombo, Sri Lanka: International Water ManagementExpand
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Irrigation and Drainage Performance Assessment: Practical Guidelines
Introduction Framework for performance assessment Performance indicators for irrigation and drainage Operational strategic performance assessment Diagnosing irrigation performance Data management forExpand
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Water for food, water for life: a comprehensive assessment of water management in agriculture
Part I: Setting the Scene * Introduction * Conceptual Framework * Part II: Trends and Scenarios * Benefits, Costs and Challenges of Managing Water for Agriculture * Investment Options for the FutureExpand
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World water demand and supply, 1990 to 2025: scenarios and issues
Presents two alternative scenarios of water demand and supply for 118 countries over the 1990 to 2025 period and develops indicators of water scarcity for each country and for the world as a whole.Expand
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Radically Rethinking Agriculture for the 21st Century
Population growth, arable land and fresh water limits, and climate change have profound implications for the ability of agriculture to meet this century’s demands for food, feed, fiber, and fuelExpand
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