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Shaping the post-war world : the clearing union
1. The origins of the Clearing Union, 1940-1942 2. From Cabinet agreement to White Paper, 1942-1943 3. From White Paper to Joint Statement, April 1943.
The general theory and after : a supplement
Part I. Towards the General Theory: Preparation and Arguing out the Treatise and Defence and Development: After the General theory.
The general theory and after
'...among the glories of modern publishing...edited with exemplary authority and lack of fuss...' - London Review of Books This definitive edition contains all Keynes's published writings, including
Shaping the post-war world : employment and commodities
Part I. Surplus, Relief and Commodity Policy: 1. Surpluses 2. Relief 3. Commodity policy Part II. Internal Policy: 4. The Beveridge Report 5. Employment policy Part III. Conclusion: 6. Last things.
British Monetary Policy 1924-1931: The Norman Conquest of $4.86
The war of 1914 and its consequences the decision to return the implications of $4.86 1925-1931 - a general background aggregate financial policy, 1925-1931 the pressures on the bank's policy
Activities 1931-1939 : world crises and policies in Britain and America
1. The currency question 2. Cheap money, wise spending and the means to prosperity 3. The world economic conference 4. The New Deal 5. The lull surrounding The General Theory 6. Slump and rearmament
Keynes and the International Monetary System 1909–46
I think that there is a real, though slow-moving, tendency for national interests to overrule provincial interests, and international interests to override national, and I think the time will come at