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The Kumano shrines were among the most popular pilgrimage sites of medieval Japan, drawing devotees across geographic, sectarian, class, and gender barriers. Yet this pilgrimage, which is often seenExpand
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Anticorrelation between Local Photoluminescence and Photocurrent Suggests Variability in Contact to Active Layer in Perovskite Solar Cells.
We use high-resolution, spatially resolved, laser beam induced current, confocal photoluminescence, and photoconductive atomic force microscopy (pcAFM) measurements to correlate local solar cellExpand
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One-Pot Synthesis and Characterization of All-Conjugated Poly(3-alkylthiophene)-block-poly(dialkylthieno[3,4-b]pyrazine)
The Kumada catalyst transfer polymerization (KCTP) was applied on dialkyl-substituted thieno[3,4-b]pyrazine monomer systems—a low-bandgap system consisting of a thiophene ring with a fused pyrazineExpand
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Direct visualization of microphase separation in block copoly(3-alkylthiophene)s
A poly(3-octylthiophene)-block-poly(3-butylthiophene) block copolymer was synthesized in a one-pot block copolymerization reaction, starting from a functional o-tolyl initiator in order to maximizeExpand
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Influence of the regioregularity on the chiral supramolecular organization of poly(3-alkylsulfanylthiophene)s
The manuscript investigates the influence of the regioregularity (RR) of poly(3-alkylsulfanylthiophene)s (P3AST) on their properties. Therefore, a series of P3ASTs (P1–P5) with different RR wereExpand
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Buddhist Materiality: A Cultural History of Objects in Japanese Buddhism (review)
Published by the Harvard-Yenching Institute HJAS 70.2 (2010): 555–559 were debated almost exclusively by monastics.) But some insisted on the intrinsic value of the ludic. When behaving/playing inExpand
The Teeth and Claws of the Buddha: Monastic Warriors and Sōhei in Japanese History (review)
that would see the central aristocracy surrender power to local warriors, contends, by contrast, that the ties between center and periphery remained strong, that the court did not withdraw into itsExpand
アメリカに渡った物語絵 : 絵巻・屏風・絵本
第1章 異界・異類の文学(龍宮をさぐる—異界の形象;鼠の祝言—視覚文化の中の御伽草子 ほか) 第2章 名所と文化の時空(メトロポリタン本「北野天神縁起絵巻」の図像と様式;歌・桜・屏風—テクストとイメージによる吉野像 ほか) 第3章 王朝文学の再生(歌人の絵姿—歌仙絵の成立と展開;源氏絵・奈良絵本にみる王朝文化 ほか) 第4章Expand