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Lased and sandblasted denture base surface preparations affecting resilient liner bonding.
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Adhesive failure between the liner and the denture base creates an environment for potential bacterial growth and accelerated breakdown of the soft liner resulting in aExpand
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Tissue reaction involving an intraoral skin graft and CP titanium abutments: a clinical report.
Focal areas of gingival hyperplasia surrounding the transmucosal portions of titanium implants have been attributed to poor hygiene, lack of attached gingival tissues, and titanium allergy. FollowingExpand
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Attempted orthodontic movement in the presence of suspected ankylosis.
A 37-year-old man with suspected ankylosis ("submerged" teeth, radiographically obliterated periodontal membranes, and sharp or ringing percussion tests) was subjected to attempted orthodonticExpand
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A photoelastic study of stress induced by framework design in a maxillary resection.
Support of a framework and obturator in a patient with an acquired maxillary defect is diminished by the removal of a portion of the palate and alveolar bone. The intent of this study was toExpand
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Rehabilitating dentulous hemimandibulectomy patients.
A hemimandibulectomy can have many debilitating consequences, such as an eccentric occlusion, a disoriented masticatory cycle, facial disfigurement, distorted speech, and salivation problems. IfExpand
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A comparison of two torquing techniques on the maxillary central incisor.
Abstract Two methods of applying torque force by auxiliaries to maxillary central incisors were attempted in two groups of patients. The mean angular change for the lingual root torque in both groupsExpand
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Documented leveling of the lower arch using metallic implants for reference.
Abstract 1. 1. In each case in which second molars were banded, the second molar was depressed while the first molar was either elevated or did not move. But if the second molars were not banded,Expand
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Quantitative study of bacterial colonization of dental casts.
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Contamination of dental casts can occur if the record bases are improperly disinfected or inadvertently not disinfected during fabrication of a prosthesis. It is essential toExpand
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Bandless orthodontic bracket.
  • D. Mitchell
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Journal of the American Dental Association
  • 1967
The bandless M bracket protects adhesives that attach orthodontic brackets directly to teeth. Without the M bracket, tested adhesives encountered moisture and integrity of bond was not maintained.
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Arcial growth with metallic implants in mandibular growth prediction.
The present investigation was undertaken to determine whether the Ricketts theory of arcial growth of the mandible can be put to practical use by the clinician to predict mandibular morphology. EightExpand
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