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Morphological and pathological characteristics of strains of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides from citrus
Three strains of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides from citrus in Florida are described and characterized as fast-growing gray isolates from necrotic and senescent tissue (FGG), slow-growing orangeExpand
Aeolian deposition and its effect on soil and vegetation changes on stabilised desert dunes in northern China
Abstract Spatial and temporal patterns of aeolian deposition at Shapotou, northern China, were studied on a chronosequence (0, 12, 29 and 37 years) of stabilised desert dunes. Aeolian depositionExpand
Adaptation of soil solarization to the integrated management of soilborne pests of tomato under humid conditions.
ABSTRACT Soil solarization was shown to be cost effective, compatible with other pest management tactics, readily integrated into standard production systems, and a valid alternative to preplantExpand
Viability of Heterodera glycines Exposed to Fungal Filtrates.
The effects of fungal filtrates on second-stage juveniles and eggs of Heterodera glycines were determined and fungal species isolated from cysts extracted from a soybean field in Florida were tested on J2 and on eggs in vitro. Expand
Pythium spp. Associated with Bell Pepper Production in Florida.
Ten species of Pythium and a group of isolates that produced filamentous sporangia but did not form sexual structures that were recovered from the root systems of fresh market bell pepper plants grown on polyethylene-mulched production systems in Florida demonstrated that P. aphanidermatum, myriotylum, P. helicoides, and P. splendens can cause significant root rot and reductions in root growth of pepper. Expand
Probiotics Reduce Bacterial Colonization and Gastric Inflammation in H. pylori-Infected Mice
Preparation of probiotics provided a safe and novel approach for reducing H. pylori colonization and bacterial-induced inflammation of mice. Expand
Magnetic properties of urban street dust and their relationship with organic matter content in the West Midlands, UK
This study demonstrates significant correlations between the organic matter content of urban street dust and certain mineral magnetic properties, which accords with previous work that indicatesExpand
Effects of soil solarization and fumigation on survival of soilborne pathogens of tomato in northern Florida
The effects of soil solarization and fumigation, alone or combined, on survival of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. radicis-lycopersici, F. o. lycopersi, Phytophthora nicotianae (=P. parasitica), andExpand
Suppression of Meloidogyne arenaria Race 1 by Soil Application of Endospores of Pasteuria penetrans.
The potential of Pasteuria penetrans for suppressing Meloidogyne arenaria race 1 on peanut (Arachis hypogaea) was tested over a 2-year period in a field microplot experiment and significantly reduced the densities of J2 that overwintered. Expand
Pathogenicity of Fungi to Eggs of Heterodera glycines.
A negative correlation was observed between hatch and fungal parasitism of eggs and the nematode population densities were correlated negatively with the EPI, but not with the percentage of cysts colonized by the fungi. Expand