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Evaluation of share material after turning of wood plastic composite
The major objective of paper is to contribute to solve of problems of machining (technological operation - turning) of wood plastic composite (material with natural reinforcement and matrix fromExpand
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Study of Surface Roughness of Machined Polymer Composite Material
The aim of this paper is to evaluate the influence of selected cutting parameters (speed of rotation and feed rate) on the surface topography of drilled WPC material. Objective of the study is toExpand
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Quantifying the Mechanical Properties of Materials and the Process of Elastic-Plastic Deformation under External Stress on Material
The paper solves the problem of the nonexistence of a new method for calculation of dynamics of stress-deformation states of deformation tool-material systems including the construction ofExpand
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Numerical simulation of the system “fixture–workpiece” for lever machining
In this article, the new configuration of fixture was proposed for ensuring the sufficient tool accessibility, which allows carrying out multiaxis machining of levers in one setup. The research basedExpand
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Monitoring surface roughness of thin-walled components from steel C45 machining down and up milling
Abstract Article deals with problematic of milling thin wall components, than about study of surface roughness and analytical prediction of surface roughness Rz for variable geometrical parameters.Expand
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Virtual Reality in Educational Process
This article is situated into the area of virtual reality in educational process to improve visualization of students. Expand
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Presented article is focused on monitoring of output control. Primary objective of research was design of most effective automated control of output quality for designated product. Proposal ofExpand
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Verification of Process Fluids in Mass Production
The paper presents fundamental problems of development of processing medias for a chip removal technology, technology of forming operations and cleaning technology. The 4th parts of the paperExpand
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Destructive Testing of Wood Plastic Composite
The paper deals with destructive testing of “new” group of material Wood Plastic Composite (in short WPC). WPC emerging from a fusion of two different kinds of components thermoplastics matrix andExpand