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Chronopolis And Metaarchive: Preservation Cooperation
This paper will examine ongoing work between two major preservation systems, the Chronopolis Digital Preservation Program, and the MetaArchive Cooperative.
Sharing and Archiving Data Science Course Projects to Support Pedagogy for Future Cohorts
This process represents the first ingestion of data- and computationally-intensive student projects into the repository and is intended to provide a template for a scalable workflow to accommodate other courses, ultimately creating a series of course data collections to support teaching and learning.
Curation Micro-Services: A Pipeline Metaphor for Repositories
The University of California Curation Center has developed an open source micro- services infrastructure that is being used to manage the diverse digital collections of the ten campus University system and a number of non-university content partners, and a look at ongoing micro-services developments is provided.
Research Data Curation Pilots: Lessons Learned
The program focused on many aspects of contemporary scholarship, including data creation and storage, description and metadata creation, citation and publication, and long term preservation and access, and will provide support for the data management requirements from national funding agencies.
Collaboration and tension between institutions and units providing data management support
Suggested citation: "Wright, S., A. L. Whitmire, L. Zilinski and D. Minor (2014), "Collaboration and Tension Between Institutions and Units Providing Data Management Support," Bulletin of the
Encouraging Cyberinfrastructure Collaboration for Digital Preservation
An overview of software development and deployments in the context of supercomputing centers and national partnerships is provided, describing foundational cyberinfrastructure efforts, which provide physical and logical support for more advanced digital collection and preservation projects in both the sciences and the humanities.
Chronopolis Digital Preservation Network
The major themes within Chronopolis are explored, including: the philosophy and theory behind a nationally federated data grid for preservation, the core tools and technologies used in Chronopolis, and how the network plans to strengthen and broaden with enhanced services and new customers.
Cyberinfrastructure Collaboration for Distributed Digital Preservation
This poster describes three such collaborations based at the Texas Advanced Computer Center, the San Diego Supercomputer Center, and Indiana University, where domain scientists and humanities scholars provide expertise in the content of the data to be preserved.
Chronopolis: Preserving our Digital Heritage
The Chronopolis Digital Preservation Initiative, one of the Library of Congress' latest efforts to collect and preserve atrisk digital information, has completed its first year of service as a
Putting research data into context: Scholarly, professional, and educational approaches to curating data for reuse
In this panel session we will discuss approaches to data curation for data reuse, with particular emphasis on the contextual information needed for reuse. We invite three panelists to present