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Whole-genome analyses resolve early branches in the tree of life of modern birds
A genome-scale phylogenetic analysis of 48 species representing all orders of Neoaves recovered a highly resolved tree that confirms previously controversial sister or close relationships and identifies the first divergence in Neoaves, two groups the authors named Passerea and Columbea. Expand
Primers for a PCR-based approach to mitochondrial genome sequencing in birds and other vertebrates.
A PCR-based approach to sequencing complete mitochondrial genomes is described along with a set of 86 primers designed primarily for avian mitochondrial DNA, which should make available a wider variety of mitochondrial genes for studies based on smaller data sets. Expand
Fundamentals of molecular evolution
Fundamentals of Molecular Evolution Dan Graur, Wen ... Bio 113/244 Fundamentals of Molecular Evolution Fundamentals of Molecular Evolution | Briefings in ... Fundamentals of Molecular Evolution byExpand
Comparative genomics reveals insights into avian genome evolution and adaptation
This work explored bird macroevolution using full genomes from 48 avian species representing all major extant clades to reveal that pan-avian genomic diversity covaries with adaptations to different lifestyles and convergent evolution of traits. Expand
Approaching a state shift in Earth’s biosphere
Evidence that the global ecosystem as a whole is approaching a planetary-scale critical transition as a result of human influence is reviewed, highlighting the need to improve biological forecasting by detecting early warning signs of critical transitions. Expand
Multiple independent origins of mitochondrial gene order in birds.
It is found that the alternative mitochondrial gene orders distinguish the two primary groups of songbirds (order Passeriformes), oscines and suboscines, in agreement with other molecular as well as morphological data sets. Expand
Phylogenetic relationships among modern birds (Neornithes): towards an avian tree of life
Modem perceptions of the inonophyly of avian higher taxa {modern birds, Neomiihes) and their interrelationships are the legacy uf systematic work undertaken in the 19th century. Before LlieExpand
Phylogeny of eagles, Old World vultures, and other Accipitridae based on nuclear and mitochondrial DNA.
Monophyly of sea eagles and booted eagles was supported, however, harpy eagles (Harpiinae), snake eagles, and Old World vultures were found to be non-monophyletic, presenting an example of convergent evolution for specialized limb morphology enabling predation on cavity nesting species. Expand
Phylogeny of Tetraoninae and other galliform birds using mitochondrial 12S and ND2 genes.
The relationships of 17 tetraonines and 12 other galliform species using mitochondrial 12S and ND2 sequence data are investigated and support for the recent phylogenetic classification that separates the genus Dendragapus into two genera is found. Expand