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Gd3+ complexes as potential spin labels for high field pulsed EPR distance measurements.
Pulse electron−electron double resonance distance measurements between two high spin Gd3+ ions in a novel bis-Gd3+ complex involving two pyridine-based gadolinium tetracarboxylate systems linked by aExpand
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Direct Synthesis of Amides from Alcohols and Amines with Liberation of H2
Given the widespread importance of amides in biochemical and chemical systems, an efficient synthesis that avoids wasteful use of stoichiometric coupling reagents or corrosive acidic and basic mediaExpand
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Efficient homogeneous catalytic hydrogenation of esters to alcohols.
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A novel liquid organic hydrogen carrier system based on catalytic peptide formation and hydrogenation
Hydrogen is an efficient green fuel, but its low energy density when stored under high pressure or cryogenically, and safety issues, presents significant disadvantages; hence finding efficient andExpand
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Bond activation and catalysis by ruthenium pincer complexes.
ed by an internal site in intramolecular heterolytic splitting, intermolecular activation requires an external base. Such intramolecular heterolytic splitting is also applicable to C−H or otherExpand
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Low-pressure hydrogenation of carbon dioxide catalyzed by an iron pincer complex exhibiting noble metal activity.
A highly active iron catalyst for the hydrogenation of carbon dioxide and bicarbonates works under remarkably low pressures and achieves activities similar to some of the best noble metal catalysts.Expand
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Organometallic Pincer Chemistry
Gerard van Koten: The Mono-anionic ECE-Pincer Ligand - a Versatile Privileged Ligand Platform: General Considerations.- Elena Poverenov, David Milstein: Non-Innocent Behavior of PCP and PCN PincerExpand
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