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Health-related quality of life in elderly patients hospitalized with chronic heart failure
Depressive symptoms, higher NYHA class, lower income, and longer duration of chronic heart failure are independent predictors of poor HRQOL in elderly patients hospitalized with chronic heart Failure in Serbia.
Specifics of Helicobacter pylori infection/NSAID effects in the elderly.
Peptic ulcer disease in the adult population, if combined with old age, presence of serious and/or life- threatening diseases, as well as repeated ulcer bleedings, shows a high mortality rate.
Old age as a privilege of the "selfish ones".
It is legitimate to pose a question of whether long-lived individuals may be those with «selfish» genes and more stable genetic material, but aging in such individuals could be delayed due to steady character of their genome, which is less susceptible to mutations.
The Privilege to Be Old
Background: Ample evidence has proven that the functional property of cells decreases over the years. Nevertheless, although it has taken decades to convince ourselves that elderly people belong to a
Recoverable Cognitive Dysfunction in Older Persons
Clinical observation revealed that proper treatment of underlying acute illness has also increased and improved the cognitive function of patients, and the timely and accurate diagnosis of RCD and properly treatment of its underlying causes are of paramount importance in everyday clinical practice.
Is there such thing as "reversible dementia" (RD)?
It is observed that damaged physical health can inflict cognitive functions, no matter how old a person is, and that successful treatment of patients can be followed and confirmed by the results of the MMSE test.
Morphometric study of healthy jejunal and ileal mucosa in adult and aged subjects.
This study provides complete morphometric data on the healthy human jejunum and the first relevant data onThe healthy ileal mucosa, thus representing a valuable morphometric reference for future histoquantitative studies of human small bowel mucosa in both healthy and disease affected individuals.
Oral glucose tolerance test in the assessment of glucose-tolerance in the elderly people.
Community-acquired pneumonia in the elderly: correlation with etiology and prognosis, and the impact of BAL data on the therapy and outcome of ventilator-associated pneumonia.
Chromosomal changes in ageing
This work states that considerable progress in iden-tifying genes involved in the ageing process has been made in genetically tractable model organisms such as, yeast, thenematode.
Ageism: Does it Exist Among Children?
It is concluded that majority of children have positive perception and attitude about old age, which leads to the conclusion that ageism is adopted later in life.