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Insect silk: one name, many materials.
On the basis of silk gland type, silk protein molecular structure, and the phylogenetic relationship of silk-producing species, this work grouped insect silks into 23 distinct categories, each likely to represent an independent evolutionary event. Expand
Seed dormancy and germination stimulation syndromes for Australian temperate species
D diagrammatic models of germination timing, dormancy syndromes and propagation strategies for temperate Australian species are presented as working hypotheses to help direct future research. Expand
Seed germination of agricultural weeds is promoted by the butenolide 3-methyl-2H-furo[2,3-c]pyran-2-one under laboratory and field conditions
Experiments using B. tournefortii seeds collected from several locations across Western Australia and in different growing seasons found that these factors significantly influence the butenolide response, implying a role of the maternal environment in seed germination/dormancy characteristics. Expand
Synthesis and properties of crosslinked recombinant pro-resilin
The cloning and expression of the first exon of the Drosophila CG15920 gene as a soluble protein in Escherichia coli is reported and it is shown that this recombinant protein can be cast into a rubber-like biomaterial by rapid photochemical crosslinking. Expand
Central projections of Drosophila sensory neurons in the transition from embryo to larva
The central projections of sensory neurons in the first instar Drosophila larva are described, relating them to the projection of the same sensory afferents in the embryo and to sensoryafferents of similar type in other insects. Expand
Restoration Seed Banks—A Matter of Scale
Although seed banks have emerged as a tool to protect wild plant species, off-site (ex situ) conservation measures at seed banks must be complementary to “on the ground” management at the conservation site. Expand
Dormancy release in Australian fire ephemeral seeds during burial increases germination response to smoke water or heat
Fire ephemerals are short-lived plants that primarily germinate after fire. Fresh and laboratory-stored seeds are difficult to germinate ex situ, even in response to fire-related cues such as heatExpand
Influence of Polymer Seed Coatings, Soil Raking, and Time of Sowing on Seedling Performance in Post-Mining Restoration
This study represents part of a broader investigation into novel seed broadcasting methodologies as a means to optimize rehabilitation techniques following sand mining. Specifically, the studyExpand
Central projections of sensory neurons in the Drosophila embryo correlate with sensory modality, soma position, and proneural gene function
A classification of sensory neurons based on their axon morphology correlates closely with the identity of the proneural gene responsible for their generation, suggesting that proneural genes play a central role in determining neuronal identity in the PNS of the embryo. Expand
Karrikins: A new family of plant growth regulators in smoke
The discovery that karrikins trigger seed germination and control seedling growth in taxa that would rarely experience fire indicates that their significance could extend far beyond fire ecology. Expand