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Equine leukocyte antigens: Relationships with sarcoid tumors and laminitis in two pure breeds
Findings suggest that a strong relationship exists between the equine MHC and a predisposition to sarcoid, as well as between antigenic expression frequencies and laminitis in either breed. Expand
Significance of Spore Release and Dispersal Mechanisms in Plant Disease Epidemiology
This review brings together information about how studies on spore re­ lease and subsequent dispersal can be specifically related to various aspects of disease epidemiology. Expand
Spore dispersal in Alternaria porri (Ellis) Neerg. on onions in Nebraska
In spore-trapping studies in 1965, conidia of Alternaria porri (Ellis) Neerg were detected in the atmosphere immediately above onions affected by purple blotch disease, and increased conidium concentrations were also recorded after rainfall and irrigation, and during spraying operations. Expand
Black leaf streak disease of bananas (Mycosphaerella fijiensis): Symptoms of disease in Hawaii, and notes on the conidial state of the causal fungus
Surveys of bananas in the Hawaiian Islands failed to reveal typical symptoms of Sigatoka disease and its causal fungus Mycosphaerella musicola Leach, but evidence is presented showing that this disease is the same as ‘black leaf streak’, first recorded in 1963 in Fiji, caused by M. fijiensis (unpublished). Expand
Pyricularia grisea (Cooke) Sacc. causing pitting disease of bananas in Central America
Dark-coloured, depressed spots (‘pits’) are recorded on Giant Cavendish banana fruits in Costa Rica and disease was reproduced by inoculating fruit in the field with conidia of P. grisea from pure culture. Expand
Studies on Gloeosporium musarum Cke & Massee causing storage rots of Jamaican Bananas. I. Anthracnose and its chemical control.
A form of anthracnose, caused by Gloeosporium musarum Cke. & Massee, is responsible for appreciable wastage of Jamaican Lacatan bananas. Symptoms are often evident on immature fruit after 8–10 daysExpand