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Study of measured pulsar masses and their possible conclusions
We study the statistics of 61 measured masses of neutron stars (NSs) in binary pulsar systems, including 18 double NS (DNS) systems, 26 radio pulsars (10 in our Galaxy) with white dwarf (WD)
Relativistic mean-field hadronic models under nuclear matter constraints
Background: The microscopic composition and properties of infinite hadronic matter at a wide range of densities and temperatures have been subjects of intense investigation for decades. The equation
Bulk Properties of a Fermi Gas in a Magnetic Field
of the anomalous magnetic moment. We demonstrate that the resulting expressions satisfy the canonical relations, = Pk and P? = Pk MB, with M = @ =@B being the magnetization of the system. We
Warm and cold pasta phase in relativistic mean field theory
In the present article we investigate the onset of the pasta phase with different parametrizations of the nonlinear Walecka model. At zero temperature two different methods are used, one based on
Hypernuclear matter in a complete SU(3) symmetry group
Using the well known quantum hadrodynamics (QHD), we study the effects of meson-hyperon coupling constants on the onset of hyperons in dense nuclear matter. We use the SU(3) symmetry group to fix all
Nuclear 'pasta' phase within density dependent hadronic models
In the present paper, we investigate the onset of the 'pasta' phase with different parametrizations of the density dependent hadronic model and compare the results with one of the usual
Brazilian physicists community diversity, equity, and inclusion: A first diagnostic
We report the results of a survey applied to students and professionals in the area of physics in Brazil, pursuing to draw a portrait of the composition of this community in terms of standard social
Consistent relativistic mean-field models constrained by GW170817
We have obtained the Love number and corresponding tidal deformabilites ($\Lambda$) associated with the relativistic mean-field parametrizations shown to be consistent (CRMF) with the nuclear matter,
Quark stars within relativistic models
Lately, it has been suggested that strange (quark) stars can be responsible for glitches and other observational features of pulsars. Whether quark stars, if they really exist, are bare or crusted is
Deconfinement and chiral restoration within the SU(3) Polyakov--Nambu--Jona-Lasinio and entangled Polyakov--Nambu--Jona-Lasinio models in an external magnetic field
The behavior of the quark condensates at zero chemical potential and finite temperature subject to an external magnetic field is studied within the three flavor Nambu--Jona-Lasinio model with