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A 3‐year longitudinal analysis of changes in fitness, physical activity, fatness and screen time
Aim:  To analyse whether changes in physical activity index (PAI), screen time (ST: television, computer) and body mass index (BMI) made a contribution to longitudinal changes in fitness of childrenExpand
Bullying in Portuguese Schools
A modified version of the Olweus school bullying questionnaire was administered to a sample of 4092 pupils, mainly aged 10–12, in ten middle schools, six in the north (Braga) and four in the south ofExpand
Sports participation among Portuguese youth 10 to 18 years.
BACKGROUND The present study considered age- and sex-associated variation in sports participation (SP) in Portuguese youth. METHOD A national 12,568 students, 10-18 years, was surveyed. Two itemsExpand
The Involvement of Girls and Boys with Bullying: An Analysis of Gender Differences
This exploratory and cross-sectional study aimed to identify the prevalence of bullying in a group of students and analyze the data regarding the gender of those involved in the violence. AExpand
Associations between sport participation, demographic and socio-cultural factors in Portuguese children and adolescents.
BACKGROUND The number of studies that focus on factors influencing the sport participation (SP) of children and adolescents is limited. The present study examines the associations between demographicExpand
Genetic and environmental factors in familial clustering in physical activity
The goal of this study was to estimate the familial aggregation and quantify the contribution of genetic and environmental factors on physical activity (PA) habits of Portuguese families. The sampleExpand
The Relationships Among Parental Anxiety, Parenting, and Children’s Anxiety: The Mediating Effects of Children’s Cognitive Vulnerabilities
Theoretical models have emphasized the roles played by parental anxiety and behavior in the development of childhood anxiety problems. Little is known regarding the differential impacts of mothersExpand
[Biological and socio-cultural determinants of physical activity in adolescents].
Physical activity is important for health promotion and disease prevention. Effective physical activity programs for adolescents require a proper understanding of the determinants of activity levels.Expand
Psychosocial correlates of physical activity in school children aged 8-10 years.
BACKGROUND Understanding correlates of physical activity (PA) among children in different populations may contribute to fostering active lifestyles. This study considered gender differences inExpand
Correlates of physical activity in Portuguese adolescents from 10 to 18 years
This study examined the association between demographic [age, sex, socioeconomic status (SES)] and socio‐cultural [father, mother, sibling physical activity (PA); peers and physical education teacherExpand