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Generation of X-rays from Comet C/Hyakutake 1996 B2
The instability resulting from the relative motion of newly picked-up cometary photoions and the solar wind generates lower hybrid waves that are capable of accelerating electrons to the keV range ofExpand
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Effects of the interaction between plasma and neutrals on the stability of the cometary ionopause
It is pointed out that plasma in the cometary ionosphere is collisionally coupled to neutrals which flow out from the nucleus. The present study is concerned with the effects of this coupling on theExpand
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Analysis of suprathermal electron properties at the magnetic pile‐up boundary of comet P/Halley
Among the plasma discontinuities detected by the GIOTTO spacecraft around comet P/Halley, the Magnetic Pile-up Boundary, located at about 135,000 km from the nucleus, has a sharpness which was notExpand
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Space debris - Electrodynamic effects
It is shown that electrodynamic forces play a crucial role in the orbital dynamics of the small Al2O3 particles that are injected into the terrestrial magnetosphere during solid rocket propellentExpand
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Neutral hydrogen in cometary comas
The strong Lα radiation observed recently in comets Tago-Sato-Kosaka and Bennett can be explained in terms of the resonant scattering of solar Lα radiation on neutral hydrogen formed by theExpand
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An Einstein search for X-ray emission from Comet Bradfield
Abstract X-radiation may result from active plasma phenomena in the interactions of comets with the solar wind. We have carried out a limited but sensitive search for soft X-radiation from CometExpand
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Plasma effects in the formation, evolution and present configuration of the Saturnian ring system
Abstract The Voyager 1 and 2 observations of the fine structure of the Saturnian ring system demonstrate the importance of electric forces in controlling the dynamics of fine (charged) dust in theExpand
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