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Instabilities in Space and Laboratory Plasmas
Preface Plasma formulary Part I. Introduction To Plasma Theory: 1. Introduction 2. The response of an unmagnetized plasma Part II. Instabilities In Unmagnetized Plasmas: 3. Reactive instabilities 4.Expand
Electron-cyclotron masers as the source of certain solar and stellar radio bursts
The theory of electron-cyclotron masers as they might apply in the astrophysical context is developed, and it is suggested that such masers provide an explanation for the very bright emission knownExpand
Pulsars with strong magnetic fields: polar gaps, bound pair creation and nonthermal luminosities
Modifications to polar-gap models for pulsars are discussed for the case where the surface magnetic field, Bs, of the neutron star is strong. For B ~ 4 X 108 T, the curvature ,-quanta emittedExpand
Electromagnetic Processes in Dispersive Media
Electron-cyclotron maser emission - Relative growth and damping rates for different modes and harmonics. [of auroral kilometric radiation]
We calculate and compare the temporal growth rate and the number of e-folding growths for the following wave modes due to a loss-cone-driven cyclotron maser: fundamental x, o, and z modes and secondExpand
The emission mechanisms for solar radio bursts
Emission mechanisms for meter-λ solar radio bursts are reviewed with emphasis on fundamental plasma emission.The ‘standard’ version of fundamental plasma emission is due to scattering of LangmuirExpand
Quantum Plasmadynamics: Unmagnetized Plasmas
Response 4-tensors.- Covariant theory of wave dispersion.- Particle and wave subsystems.- Dispersion in relativistic plasmas.- Classical plasmadynamics.- Quantum field theory.- QPD processes.-Expand