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The preregistration revolution
Widespread adoption of preregistration will increase distinctiveness between hypothesis generation and hypothesis testing and will improve the credibility of research findings.
Common Warehouse Metamodel: An Introduction to the Standard for Data Warehouse Integration
After acquainting readers with the CWM architecture and how each CWM component fits into existing database and data warehouse architectures, the authors provide expert guidance on how to plan for, implement, and deploy CWM technologies.
Citizen Science as a Distinct Field of Inquiry
208 BioScience • February 2015 / Vol. 65 No. 2 http://bioscience.oxfordjournals.org BioScience 65: 208–211. © The Author(s) 2015. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the American
Promoting Open Science to Increase the Trustworthiness of Evidence in Special Education
Scientific evidence should guide the selection of practice for individuals with disabilities. Scientific evidence, however, must be trustworthy to move special education toward greater empirical
Troubled Transitions Into College and the Effects of a Small Intervention Course
Student attrition from colleges in the United States is a widespread phenomenon, posing real stresses to students, their families, and to universities. We examined the causes of poor academic
Bridging the Benefits of Online and Community Supported Citizen Science: A Case Study on Motivation and Retention with Conservation-Oriented Volunteers
This study explores the motivations and barriers for participation and persistence in an innovative citizen science pilot project with Virginia Master Naturalist volunteers. The project combines
Four simple recommendations to encourage best practices in research software
This manuscript is aimed at developers, but also at organisations, projects, journals and funders that can increase the quality and sustainability of research software by encouraging the adoption of these recommendations.
Study Preregistration: An Evaluation of a Method for Transparent Reporting
A mixed-method approach compared published preregistered samples against published non-preregistered samples and found that preregistration effectively facilitated more transparent reporting based on criteria, consistent with concerns that the published literature contains elevated type I error rates.