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Nucleolar protein NPM interacts with HDM2 and protects tumor suppressor protein p53 from HDM2-mediated degradation.
Nucleophosmin (NPM, B23) is an abundant nucleolar phosphoprotein involved in ribosome biogenesis, and interacts with tumor suppressor proteins p53 and Rb. Here we show that NPM is a UV damageExpand
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Nitrate loss in subsurface drainage as affected by nitrogen fertilizer rate.
The relationships between N fertilizer rate, yield, and NO3 leaching need to be quantified to develop soil and crop management practices that are economically and environmentally sustainable. FromExpand
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Impact of Biochar on Manure Carbon Stabilization and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Previous studies indicate that biochar additions sometimes increase soil respiration and CO 2 emissions which could partially offset C credits associated with soil biochar applications. Little isExpand
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Water Quality in Walnut Creek Watershed: Herbicides and Nitrate in Surface Waters
There is a lack of quantitative information describing the impact of farming on water quality at the watershed scale. This study documents the surface water quality of Walnut Creek-a 5130-haExpand
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Incidence of acquired demyelination of the CNS in Canadian children
Background: The incidence of acquired demyelination of the CNS (acquired demyelinating syndromes [ADS]) in children is unknown. It is important that physicians recognize the features of ADS toExpand
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Relationship of photosynthetically active radiation to shortwave radiation in the San Joaquin Valley
Abstract Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) (0.4–0.7 μm) and shortwave radiation (SI) (0.285–2.8 μm) measurements were made for a year at two weather stations near Fresno, California. SolarExpand
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Nitrate leaching to subsurface drains as affected by drain spacing and changes in crop production system.
Subsurface drainage is a beneficial water management practice in poorly drained soils but may also contribute substantial nitrate N loads to surface waters. This paper summarizes results from a 15-yrExpand
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Nitrogen fertilizer effects on soil carbon balances in midwestern U.S. agricultural systems.
A single ecosystem dominates the Midwestern United States, occupying 26 million hectares in five states alone: the corn-soybean agroecosystem [Zea mays L.-Glycine max (L.) Merr.]. Nitrogen (N)Expand
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Evaluation of nitrate nitrogen fluxes from a tile-drained watershed in central Iowa.
Nitrate N fluxes from tile-drained watersheds have been implicated in water quality studies of the Mississippi River basin, but actual NO3-N loads from small watersheds during long periods are poorlyExpand
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