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Partial and multiple Wh-movement
This paper deals with two types of Wh-constructions that occur in German and Romani: partial and multiple Wh-movement. In these constructions a Wh-phrase moves to the specifier of a CP that is lowerExpand
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Methods for assessing children's syntax
Part 1 Production data: collecting spontaneous production data, Katherine Demuth analyzing children's spontaneous speech, Karin Stromswold what children know about what they say - elicited imitation as a research method for assessing children's syntax, Barbara Lust et al elicited production, Rosalind Thornton. Expand
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Resumptive Pronouns in English Relative Clauses
We report elicited production and grammaticality judgment data from 3 experiments on the status of resumptive pronouns in English. The participants in 2 experiments were 82 children (aged 3;5-8;11)Expand
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Children's Application of Binding during Sentence Processing
We compare children's and adults' interpretation of certain co-reference relations in a cross-modal picture decision task with an on-line task modified for examining children's real-time sentence processing. Expand
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Relatives Children Say
In an experiment designed to elicit restrictive relatives clauses, 28 children ranging in age from 2:2 to 3:10 provided a corpus of communicatively appropriate relative clauses. Expand
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Control Principles in the Grammars of Young Children
We conducted two studies investigating the status of control principles in children's grammars. In the first, 20 children ranging in age from 3;9 to 5;4 acted out and gave judgments on sentencesExpand
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A Longitudinal Study of Principles of Control and Pronominal Reference in Child English
Au partir d'une etude longitudinale de neuf mois sur 15 enfants âges de 3 a 10 ans, les auteurs ont etudie le developpement des principes de controle grammatical. Ils ont teste des hypothesesExpand
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Binding Principles in the Grammars of Young Children
Principle C of the binding theory says that names must be free in all domains. It entails that a pronoun may not c-command its referent (Reinhart, 1976). C. Chomsky (1969) was probably the first toExpand
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Children's sentence planning: Syntactic correlates of fluency variations*
ABSTRACT This paper argues for broader consideration of children's language production systems and, in that context, describes research on children's planning of syntactic structures. The researchExpand
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How children's relatives solve a problem for minimalism
Current work in syntax reexamines basic properties of movement. Under the minimalist assumptions of Chomsky (1995), movement is prohibited unless forced by grammatical considerations. From a set ofExpand
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