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Review of the Australian kelp flies Diptera: Coelopidae
The Coelopidae appear to be most closely related to the families Helcomyzidae and Dryomyzidae of the superfamily Sciomyzoidea, and to the species of Chaetocoelopa, Coe‐lopella, Gluma and Icaridion. Expand
The Australian genera of Heleomyzidae (Diptera: Schizophora) and a reclassification of the family into tribes
The 16 Australian genera of Heleomyzidae are characterised, five genera, together with their type-species, being described as new. A key to the Australasian genera is given. The classification of theExpand
The ototoxic mechanism of cisplatin
It is concluded that cisplatin caused the hearing loss by blocking OHC transduction channels and the immediate loss of neural thresholds at the site of iontophoresis. Expand
The surge flies (Diptera: Canacidae: Zaleinae) of Australasia and notes on tethinid-canacid morphology and relationships
The morphology, relationships, and classification of the Tethinidae and Canacidae are considered, with special reference to the Zaleinae, and two doubtful species represented by inadequate material are assigned provisional numbers. Expand
Gobryidae, a new family of acalyptrate flies (Diptera: Diopsoidea), and a discussion of relationships of the diopsoid families.
The morphology of Gobrya is largely undescribed, and the aim of this paper is to make known aspects of the adult morphology of this genus, together with that of other taxa that have been referred to the superfamily Diopsoidea or Nothyboidea, in order to throw some light on its phylogenetic relationships. Expand
Observations on Antennal Morphology in Diptera, with Particular Reference to the Articular Surfaces between Segments 2 and 3 in the Cyclorrhapha
The main features of antennal segments 2 and 3 seen in the higher Diptera are described, including many that are not or inadequately covered in available publications. The following terms areExpand
Review of the Borboroidini or Wombat Flies (Diptera: Heteromyzidae), with reconsideration of the status of families Heleomyzidae and Sphaeroceridae, and descriptions of femoral gland-baskets
Review of the Borboroidini or Wombat Flies (Diptera: Heteromyzidae), with reconsideration of the status of families Heleomyz Families and Sphaeroceridae, and descriptions of femoral gland-baskets. Expand