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Coh-Metrix: Analysis of text on cohesion and language
Standard text readability formulas scale texts on difficulty by relying on word length and sentence length, whereas Coh-Metrix is sensitive to cohesion relations, world knowledge, and language and discourse characteristics. Expand
Are Good Texts Always Better? Interactions of Text Coherence, Background Knowledge, and Levels of Understanding in Learning From Text
Two experiments, theoretically motivated by the construction-integration model of text comprehension (W. Kintsch, 1988), investigated the role of text coherence in the comprehension of science texts.Expand
Handbook of latent semantic analysis
This book discusses Latent Semantic Analysis as a Theory of Meaning, its application in Cognitive Theory, and its applications in Educational Applications. Expand
Automated Evaluation of Text and Discourse with Coh-Metrix: Introduction
This informative article might allow one to locate universe that could not believe it is previously, and furthermore by exactly what points as possible problem together with to generate concept. Expand
SERT: Self-Explanation Reading Training
This study examined the effects of providing reading strategy instruction to improve the effectiveness of self-explanation (i.e., explaining the meaning of information to oneself while reading). TheExpand
Learning from texts: Effects of prior knowledge and text coherence
Two experiments, theoretically motivated by the construction‐integration model of comprehension, investigated effects of prior knowledge on learning from high‐ and low‐coherence history texts and indicated that the low‐ coherence text requires more inference processes. Expand
Chapter 9 Toward a Comprehensive Model of Comprehension
The goal of this chapter is to provide the foundation toward developing a more comprehensive model of reading comprehension. To this end, seven prominent comprehension modelsExpand
Computer analyses of text characteristics are often used by reading teachers, researchers, and policy makers when selecting texts for students. The authors of this article identify components ofExpand
Reading both high-coherence and low-coherence texts: effects of text sequence and prior knowledge.
  • D. McNamara
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Canadian journal of experimental psychology…
  • 1 March 2001
Low-knowledge readers benefited from the high-coherence text, regardless of whether it was read first, second, or twice, while high- knowledge readers benefitedfrom the low- coherence only text when it was reading first. Expand
Differential Competencies Contributing to Children's Comprehension of Narrative and Expository Texts
This study examined the influences of reading decoding skills and world knowledge on third graders' comprehension of narrative and expository texts. Children read a narrative text and an expositoryExpand