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Elements of Modern X-ray Physics
Preface. Acknowledgements. Notes on the Use of this Book. X-rays and Their Interaction with Matter. Sources of X-rays. Refraction and Reflection from Interfaces. Kinematical Diffraction. Diffraction
Magnetic Coulomb Phase in the Spin Ice Ho2Ti2O7.
Every magnet has two poles, north, and south. If we cut a bar magnet in half and wind up with two magnets, each has its own North and South Pole. But physicists have long speculated that unattached
Quantum Phase Transition of a Magnet in a Spin Bath
It is found that interactions with the nuclear spin bath controlled the length scale over which the excitations could be entangled, which places a limit on the ability to observe intrinsic electronic quantum criticality.
Fractional excitations in the square lattice quantum antiferromagnet
The results establish the existence of fractional quasiparticles in the high-energy spectrum of a quasi-two-dimensional antiferromagnet, even in the absence of frustration.
Spin correlations in Ho2Ti2O7: a dipolar spin ice system.
The pyrochlore material Ho2Ti2O7 has been suggested to show "spin ice" behavior. We present neutron scattering and specific heat results that establish unambiguously that Ho2Ti2O7 exhibits spin ice
Antiferromagnetic order induced by an applied magnetic field in a high-temperature superconductor
It is reported that for one high-Tc superconductor, the applied field that imposes the vortex lattice also induces ‘striped’ antiferromagnetic order, observed in the measurements.
Quantum magnets under pressure: controlling elementary excitations in TlCuCl3.
The continuous emergence in the weakly ordered state of a low-lying but massive excitation corresponding to longitudinal fluctuations of the magnetic moment is demonstrated by neutron spectroscopy.
Pressure-induced structural dimerization in the hyperhoneycomb iridate β−Li2IrO3 at low temperatures
A pressure-induced collapse of magnetic ordering in $\beta$-Li$_2$IrO$_3$ at $P_m\sim1.5- 2$ GPa has previously been interpreted as evidence for possible emergence of spin liquid states in this
Pinch points and Kasteleyn transitions in kagome ice
Complex disordered states—from liquids and glasses to exotic quantum matter—are ubiquitous in nature. Their key properties include finite entropy, power-law correlations and emergent organizing
Robustness of basal-plane antiferromagnetic order and the J(eff)=1/2 state in single-layer iridate spin-orbit Mott insulators.
The magnetic structure and electronic ground state of the layered perovskite Ba(2)IrO(4) have been investigated using x-ray resonant magnetic scattering and it is found that the dominant, long-range antiferromagnetic order is remarkably similar in the two compounds.