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The Estuarine Ecosystem: Ecology, Threats, and Management
1. The Estuarine Environment 2. Life in Estuaries 3. Primary Producers: plant production and its availability 4. Primary Consumers: herbivores and detritivores 5. The Secondary Consumers: carnivoresExpand
The Need for Definitions in Understanding Estuaries
This paper considers what the definition/classification of estuaries has taught us and why there is a need for classification systems. It further considers why we need to define an estuary and itsExpand
The Estuarine Ecosystem.
1 The Estuarine Environment.- 1.1 Introduction.- 1.2 Estuarine circulation.- 1.3 Estuarine sediments.- 1.4 Other physico-chemical factors.- 1.5 Distribution of estuarine organisms.- 1.6 The problemsExpand
The effect of salmon farming on the benthos of a Scottish sea loch
Abstract The effects of waste from a salmon farm on the benthos of a fjordic sea loch on the western coast of Scotland have been studied. Within 3 m of the floating cages the sediment was highlyExpand
Fisheries and aquaculture.
Current State of Production & Distribution ● 39 thousand tons for coastal fisheries, 96 thousand tons for offshore fisheries, 25 thousand tons for deep-sea fisheries. Marine aquaculture 72 thousandExpand
Ecology of Estuaries
Recovery of sediments after cessation of marine fish farm production
Following cessation of fish production at a fish farm site in Loch Creran, Scotland, a study of the recovery of the benthic environment was undertaken. Sediment samples for macrofauna and geochemicalExpand
Some effects of salinity on the distribution and abundance of Corophium volutator in the Ythan estuary
A study of the effects of salinity on the distribution and abundance of the amphipod Corophium volutator (Pallas) on the estuary of the River Ythan, Aberdeenshire, indicates that 2‰ is a criticalExpand
Treatise on estuarine and coastal science
This is the study of estuaries and coasts has seen enormous growth in recent years, since changes in these areas have a large effect on the food chain, as well as on the physics and chemistry of theExpand