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Adaptive Patterns in Alkaloid Physiology
  • D. McKey
  • Biology
  • The American Naturalist
  • 1 May 1974
Alkaloid transport and storage are reviewed, with emphasis on problems associated with presence of toxic chemicals in living plants. Many patterns in the physiology of alkaloids and other defenseExpand
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Polydomy in ants: what we know, what we think we know, and what remains to be done
The correct identification of colony boundaries is an essential prerequisite for empirical studies of ant behaviour and evolution. Ant colonies function at various organizational levels, and theseExpand
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Unmanaged sexual reproduction and the dynamics of genetic diversity of a vegetatively propagated crop plant, cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz), in a traditional farming system
Occurrence of intervarietal or interspecific natural crosses has been reported for many crop plants in traditional farming systems, underlining the potential importance of this source of geneticExpand
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Traditional management of cassava morphological and genetic diversity by the Makushi Amerindians (Guyana, South America): Perspectives for on-farm conservation of crop genetic resources
In this paper we present original data on morphological and genetic diversity of cassava managed by the Makushi Amerindians from Guyana. Although they propagate cassava exclusively vegetatively byExpand
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Genetic diversity of traditional South American Landraces of Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz): an analysis using microsatellites
The extent and structure of the genetic variability of traditional varieties of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) have been little documented, despite considerable evidence for this cropś greatExpand
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The evolutionary ecology of clonally propagated domesticated plants.
While seed-propagated crops have contributed many evolutionary insights, evolutionary biologists have often neglected clonally propagated crops. We argue that widespread notions about their evolutionExpand
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Interaction of the ant-plant Leonardoxa africana (Caesalpiniaceae) with its obligate inhabitants in a rainforest in Cameroon
Description des associations entre L. a. et ses habitants, Petalomyrmex phylax et Cataulacus mckeyi (Myrmicidae)
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Corner's rules revisited: ontogenetic and interspecific patterns in leaf–stem allometry
We studied interspecific and ontogenetic relationships between the size of a leaf and the primary diameter of the internode bearing it. Although these two variables are known to be stronglyExpand
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Local genetic diversity of sorghum in a village in northern Cameroon: structure and dynamics of landraces
We present the first study of patterns of genetic diversity of sorghum landraces at the local scale. Understanding landrace diversity aids in deciphering evolutionary forces under domestication, andExpand
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Tree diversity and conservation value of Ngovayang’s lowland forests, Cameroon
The Ngovayang Massif of southern Cameroon is a range of small hills near the Atlantic coast, in the Lower Guinea floristic region. This region is known to harbor forests with high levels ofExpand
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