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Some remarks on the development of sedimentary basins
A simple model for the development and evolution of sedimentary basins is proposed. The first event consists of a rapid stretching of continental lithosphere, which produces thinning and passiveExpand
Active Tectonics of the Mediterranean Region
Summary Examination of more than 100 fault plane solutions for earthquakes within the Alpide belt between the Mid-Atlantic ridge and Eastern Iran shows that the deformation at present occurring isExpand
Oceanic crustal thickness from seismic measurements and rare earth element inversions
Seismic refraction results show that the igneous section of oceanic crust averages 7.1±0.8 km thick away from anomalous regions such as fracture zones and hot-spots, with extremal bounds of 5.0–8.5Expand
Magmatism at rift zones: The generation of volcanic continental margins and flood basalts
When continents rift to form new ocean basins, the rifting is sometimes accompanied by massive igneous activity. We show that the production of magmatically active rifted margins and the effusion ofExpand
The Generation and Compaction of Partially Molten Rock
The equations governing the movement of the melt and the matrix of a partially molten material are obtained from the conservation of mass, momentum, and energy using expressions from the theory ofExpand
Active tectonics of the Alpine—Himalayan belt: the Aegean Sea and surrounding regions
Summary. New fault plane solutions, Landsat photographs, and seismic refraction records show that rapid extension is now taking place in the northern and eastern parts of the Aegean sea region. TheExpand
Active tectonics of the north and central Aegean Sea
SUMMARY In this paper we examine the connection between the westward motion of Turkey relative to Europe and the extension in and around the Aegean Sea. The principal new data available since theExpand
Active tectonics of the Alpine—Himalayan Belt between western Turkey and Pakistan
Summary. Over 80 new fault plane solutions, combined with satellite imagery as well as both modern and historical observations of earthquake faulting, are used to investigate the active tectonics ofExpand