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The Moine Thrust—its discovery, age, and tectonic significance
Abstract The history of the discovery of the Moine Thrust is reviewed and the origins are traced of the erroneous correlation of folding and thrusting in the Highlands. The reasons for believing thatExpand
Language as an Intellectual Tool: From Hieroglyphics to APL
We learn elementary mathematics before understanding the source of its symbols, which therefore appear, incorrectly, to have been decreed ready-made. Expand
The tectonics of the area between Grantown and Tomintoul (Mid-Strathspey)
  • D. McIntyre
  • Geology
  • Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of…
  • 1 February 1951
Summary The region is homo-axial; the plunge of the fold-axes is to the south-east at nearly 30°. A profile nearly seven miles deep has been constructed by the use of the axial method of tectonicExpand
James Hutton’s Edinburgh: a précis
  • D. McIntyre
  • Geology
  • Geological Society, London, Special Publications
  • 1999
Abstract James Hutton (1726–1797) was born and bred in Edinburgh. Having decided to be a farmer, he went to Norfolk aged 24 to learn new methods of husbandry. From that base, he travelled widely andExpand
James Hutton : the founder of modern geology
One of the leading figures of the Scottish Enlightenment, and the acknowledged founder of modern geology, James Hutton spent most of his life in active scientific research. His pioneering work toExpand
Structural Geometry of Dalradian Rocks at Loch Leven, Scottish Highlands
The structural geometry of Dalradian metamorphic rocks in the west Highlands of Scotland is investigated by graphical statistical analysis of the preferred orientation of structural elements such asExpand
Gangrene after use of gamma-dimethylamino-N-propyl phenothiazine hydrochloride (promazine). A case report.
Abstract For some time promazinc has been used for obstetrical analgesia with good results. Usually it is used in conjunction with barbiturates, scopolamine, and Demerol. This paper is to report suchExpand
Petrofabric Analysis of Marbles from Mid-Strathspey and Strathavon
"Petrofabric analyses of marble specimens from three widely separated localities in mid-Strathspey and Strathavon are recorded. Preferred orientation of [0001] in the constituent grains of calciteExpand
Mastering J
J is a new dialect of APL that provides much additional power over earlier dialects, and also provides a challenge to the user to master this new power. Expand