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Molecular evidence that echiurans and pogonophorans are derived annelids.
  • D. McHugh
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 22 July 1997
The Annelida, which includes the polychaetes and the clitellates, has long held the taxonomic rank of phylum. The unsegmented, mud-dwelling echiuran spoon worms and the gutless, deep-sea pogonophoranExpand
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Trapped-ion qutrit spin molecule quantum computer
We present a qutrit quantum computer design using trapped ions in the presence of a magnetic field gradient. The magnetic field gradient induces a "spin-spin" type coupling, similar to the J-couplingExpand
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Entanglement, purity, and energy: Two qubits versus two modes (13 pages)
We study the relationship between the entanglement, mixedness, and energy of two-qubit and two-mode Gaussian quantum states. We parametrize the set of allowed states of these two fundamentallyExpand
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When non-Gaussian states are Gaussian : Generalization of nonseparability criterion for continuous variables
We present a class of non-Gaussian two-mode continuous-variable states for which the separability criterion for Gaussian states can be employed to detect whether they are separable or not. TheseExpand
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