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The effect of sympathetic nerve stimulation on vasoconstrictor responses in perfused mesenteric blood vessels of the rat
  • D. McGregor
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The Journal of physiology
  • 1 March 1965
Important contributions towards our present understanding of sympathetic nerve-smooth muscle traismission have come from studies with innervated preparations of organs such as the nictitatingExpand
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Rapid expulsion of Trichinella spiralis in suckling rats: mediation by monoclonal antibodies.
Pups born to rats immunized with the excretory/secretory antigens (ESA) of Trichinella spiralis L1 larvae expressed rapid expulsion when challenged orally. Rat monoclonal antibodies specific for ESAExpand
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Initiation of Immune Responses by Small Lymphocytes
The large pyroninophilic cells that arise from small lymphocytes in graft-versus host reactions were observed to resemble morphologically the cells that appear in regional lymphoid tissue during theExpand
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The role of lymphocytes in antibody formation I. Restoration of the haemolysin response in X -irradiated rats with lymphocytes from normal and immunologically tolerant donors
The haemolysin response of rats to an intravenous dose of 108 sheep erythrocytes was abolished by pretreatment with 500 rad of whole body X-irradiation. The immunological deficiency in such animalsExpand
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Rapid expulsion of Trichinella spiralis in suckling rats.
Orally administered Trichinella spiralis muscle larvae were rapidly expelled by rat pups suckling an immune dam. The immunity was delivered in the milk; substantial resistance was conferred on normalExpand
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Characterization of the immune mediator of rapid expulsion of Trichinella spiralis in suckling rats.
In order to identify and characterize the mediator(s) of rapid expulsion, infant rats were passively immunized against oral challenge with 200 infectious Trichinella spiralis muscle larvae by oral orExpand
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The role of mucus in antibody-mediated rapid expulsion of Trichinella spiralis in suckling rats.
Rat pups suckling dams parasitized by Trichinella spiralis express rapid expulsion, a protective response that is associated with the entrapment of infectious muscle larvae in intestinal mucus.Expand
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The cellular deficit in rats thymectomized at birth is primarily one of circulating small lymphocytes. The lymphocyte deficiency is similar to that induced in adult rats by chronic drainage from aExpand
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Vascular responses to 5-hydroxytryptamine in genetic and renal hypertensive rats.
MCGREGOR, D. D., AND F. H. SMIRK. Vascular responses to 5 hydroxytryptamine in genetic and renal hypertensive rats. Am. J. Physiol, 219(3) : 687-690. 1970.-Cardiovascular responses toExpand
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