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Genome-wide meta-analysis increases to 71 the number of confirmed Crohn's disease susceptibility loci
We undertook a meta-analysis of six Crohn's disease genome-wide association studies (GWAS) comprising 6,333 affected individuals (cases) and 15,056 controls and followed up the top associationExpand
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Interactions Between Commensal Fungi and the C-Type Lectin Receptor Dectin-1 Influence Colitis
The Mycobiome In the past few years, much attention has been given to the trillions of bacterial inhabitants in our guts and the myriad of ways in which they influence our overall health. But whatExpand
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Disease-Specific Alterations in the Enteric Virome in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Decreases in the diversity of enteric bacterial populations are observed in patients with Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC). Less is known about the virome in these diseases. We showExpand
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Genome-wide association identifies multiple ulcerative colitis susceptibility loci
Ulcerative colitis is a chronic, relapsing inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal tract with a complex genetic and environmental etiology. In an effort to identify genetic variationExpand
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A common missense variant in NUDT15 confers susceptibility to thiopurine-induced leukopenia
Thiopurine therapy, commonly used in autoimmune conditions, can be complicated by life-threatening leukopenia. This leukopenia is associated with genetic variation in TPMT (encoding thiopurineExpand
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Genetic factors conferring an increased susceptibility to develop Crohn's disease also influence disease phenotype: results from the IBDchip European Project
Objective Through genome-wide association scans and meta-analyses thereof, over 70 genetic loci (Crohn's disease (CD) single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)) are significantly associated with CD. WeExpand
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High density mapping of the MHC identifies a shared role for HLA-DRB1*01:03 in inflammatory bowel diseases and heterozygous advantage in ulcerative colitis
Genome-wide association studies of the related chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) known as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis have shown strong evidence of association to the majorExpand
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Dynamics of metatranscription in the inflammatory bowel disease gut microbiome
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a group of chronic diseases of the digestive tract that affects millions of people worldwide. Genetic, environmental and microbial factors have been implicated inExpand
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Treatment of intestinal Behçet's syndrome with chimeric tumour necrosis factor α antibody
Few patients with Behçet's syndrome have gastrointestinal ulceration. Such patients are difficult to treat and have a higher mortality. Faced with refractory symptoms in two patients with intestinalExpand
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The impact of preoperative serum anti-TNFα therapy levels on early postoperative outcomes in inflammatory bowel disease surgery.
OBJECTIVE Assess the impact of preoperative serum antitumor necrosis factor-α (anti-TNFα) drug levels on 30-day postoperative morbidity in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients. BACKGROUNDExpand
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