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Focus Groups: Supporting Effective Product Development
Introduction. Organizing and Conducting a Focus Group: The Logistics. Focus Groups in Human Factors/Ergonomics and Design: Case Studies. Focus Group Tools.
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Visual product evaluation: exploring users' emotional relationships with products.
This paper discusses an industrial designer's approach to eliciting user perceptions and emotional responses to products through visual evaluation and stimuli. Whilst the authors accept that productExpand
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Mood Boards as a Design Catalyst and Resource: Researching an Under-Researched Area
Mood boards are one method that can improve inspiration and communication during a design process. These mood boards are typically a collection of abstract media which the designer uses for personalExpand
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Disability + Relevant Design: Empathic Design Strategies Supporting More Effective New Product Design Outcomes
ABSTRACT People are living longer and over their lifespan may develop a range of disabilities that are no longer perceived as a barrier to enjoying a high quality of life. With increased userExpand
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Empathic design: Research strategies.
This paper explores the role of empathy within new product development from the perspective of human-centred design. Expand
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With increased user expectation of products, a balanced approach to functionality and supra-functionality is more important than ever. Rather than designing for, we need to be designing moreExpand
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Empathic design: emerging design research methodologies
A new relationship between product designers and the users of products is emerging. It is now being realised that users have complex supra-functional needs, which include the emotional, spiritual,Expand
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Exploring the degree to which individual students share a common perception of specific mood boards: observations relating to teaching, learning and team-based design
Mood boards offer a visual and sensorial channel of communication and inspiration for design research and development, which could be considered to be more logical and empathic within a designExpand
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