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Subcellular distribution and immunocytochemical localization of Na,K-ATPase subunit isoforms in human skeletal muscle.
The expression of Na,K-ATPase isoforms was investigated in human skeletal muscle membranes isolated by subcellular fractionation. The alpha 1, alpha 2, alpha 3 and beta 1 subunits were detectable inExpand
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Adverse effects of inhaled corticosteroids.
  • D. Maxwell
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  • 1990
Corticosteroids have a significant role in the management of asthma due to their powerful anti-inflammatory actions. However, when given orally, they cause significant and unwanted side-effects.Expand
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Effects of adenosine on ventilatory responses to hypoxia and hypercapnia in humans.
Adenosine infusion (100 micrograms X kg-1 X min-1) in humans stimulates ventilation but also causes abdominal and chest discomfort. To exclude the effects of symptoms and to differentiate between aExpand
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Contrasting effects of two xanthines, theophylline and enprofylline, on the cardio-respiratory stimulation of infused adenosine in man.
Six normal male subjects, ages 28-40 years, were studied on separate days during increasing infusions with adenosine, 40-120 micrograms kg-1 min-1, before and during infusions of two xanthineExpand
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Circulatory and respiratory effects of infused adenosine in conscious man.
1. The nucleoside, adenosine, was infused into six conscious healthy male subjects at rates up to 100 micrograms kg-1 min-1. 2. Compared with a control 0.9% saline infusion, adenosine in all subjectsExpand
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A radiographic study of tongue posture at rest and during the phonation of /s/ in class III malocclusion.
In this investigation a group of individuals with Angle Class III malocclusions were studied radiographically to determine their tongue posture at rest and during phonation of /s/. Their speech andExpand
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Retinal vascular autoregulation in conditions of hyperoxia and hypoxia using the blue field entoptic phenomenon.
Autoregulation of retinal blood flow was studied in seven normal volunteers. The stimuli to autoregulation used were hyperoxia and hypoxia under controlled conditions of isocapnia. Macular blood flowExpand
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Hypoxaemia in wheezy infants after bronchodilator treatment.
The response of the bronchi to nebulised salbutamol was measured in five recurrently wheezy infants. Changes in oxygenation (measured by pulse oximeter and transcutaneous PO2 electrodes) and carbonExpand
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Autoregulation of retinal blood flow in diabetic retinopathy measured by the blue-light entoptic technique.
Autoregulation of retinal blood flow was measured in 23 diabetic patients, 9 with nonproliferative retinopathy, 9 with proliferative retinopathy, and 5 with photocoagulated retinopathy. Three of theExpand
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