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A brief history of phosphorus: from the philosopher's stone to nutrient recovery and reuse.
The element phosphorus has no substitute in sustaining all life and food production on our planet. Yet today's phosphorus use patterns have resulted in both a global environmental epidemic ofExpand
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Stream health after urbanization
ABSTRACT: Urban development has compromised the quality of physical elements offish habitat in low-order spawning and rearing streams. In order to identify where priorities should lie in streamExpand
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Accumulation of magnesium ammonium phosphate hexahydrate (struvite) on surfaces in contact with wastewater, especially in anaerobic sludge digestion and post-digestion processes, is a widely reportedExpand
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Optimizing Struvite Production for Phosphate Recovery in WWTP
Struvite, a crystalline structure comprised of ions of magnesium Mg +2 , ammonium NH4 -N , and phosphate PO4 -P ,i s commonly encountered in wastewater treatment plants WWTPs through struviteExpand
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Pilot-scale struvite recovery from anaerobic digester supernatant at an enhanced biological phosphorus removal wastewater treatment plant
Pilot testing of a fluidized bed reactor used to recover phosphate, in the form of struvite, from anaerobic digester supernatant was conducted at the Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant, City of Pe...
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Pilot-scale study of phosphorus recovery through struvite crystallization – II: Applying in-reactor supersaturation ratio as a process control parameter
A pilot-scale MAP (magnesium ammonium phosphate) crystallizer, which was used to remove/recover phosphorus through struvite formation, achieved ortho-P removal rates of over 90%, for a tested high ...
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Pilot-scale study of phosphorus recovery through struvite crystallization examining the process feasibility
The suitability of a new pilot-scale reactor to recover phosphorus through struvite crystallization was examined. Based on the similar principles previously tested in bench-scale reactors and scaledExpand
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Thermal decomposition of struvite and its phase transition.
Intentional crystallization of struvite, before it forms and accumulates on wastewater treatment equipment, solves an important and costly wastewater treatment problem and on the other hand, providesExpand
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Nucleation and growth kinetics of struvite in a fluidized bed reactor
Kinetics of struvite crystallization were studied to gain a better understanding of intentional struvite formation in fluidized bed reactors. Mechanisms controlling nucleation were studied in theExpand
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Phosphorus recovery from wastewater through struvite formation in fluidized bed reactors: a sustainable approach.
Recovery of phosphate as struvite (MgNH4PO4.6H2O), before it forms and accumulates on wastewater treatment equipment, solves wastewater treatment problems and also provides environmentallyExpand
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