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Benthic invertebrate assemblages of Delaware Bay
It was concluded that Delaware Bay comprises a mosaic of animal assemblages, some of which have relatively sharp boundaries similar to classical level bottom type communities, whereas the boundaries of others are almost impossible to detect, and these represent species distributed along an environmental continum. Expand
Vertical Migration and Mortality of Marine Benthos in Dredged Material: A Synthesis
This account describes the comparative response of four species of benthic invertebrates to burial in terms of vertical migration and mortality, and provides a synthesis of studies andExpand
Diversity of soft-bottom benthos in a tropical estuary: Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica
From measures of diversity it was concluded that the soft-bottom community of the Gulf of Nicoya was not rich for a tropical estuary, and physical processes mainly influenced community structure and function in the lower Gulf whereas biological processes seemed to prevail in the upper Gulf. Expand
Quantitative faunal associates of the serpulid polychaete hydroides dianthus
A study of the calcareous tube-building polychaete Hydroides dianthus (Verrill) in a temperate estuary revealed an assemblage that was strongly associated with the serpulid, resulting in a highly diverse benthic assemblages in this temperates estuary. Expand
Benthic invertebrates of a tropical estuary: Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica
Summary Crustaceans showed considerable differential distribution in response to a variety of features. Portunid crabs may be responding to salinity gradients, peak abundance of shrimp may beExpand
Polychaete feeding guilds from Georges Bank, USA
There were more significant associations between feeding guilds and depth, dissolved oxygen, and mean phi and gravel than any other environmental variables. Expand
Seasonal changes in nutrients and dissolved oxygen in the Gulf of Nicoya, a tropical estuary on the Pacific coast of Central America
Concentrations of ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, inorganic phosphate, and dissolved oxygen were measured at 15 stations in the Gulf of Nicoya during rainy and dry seasons. Results allowed division ofExpand
The Dark Side of Taxonomic Sufficiency (TS)
The Capitella capitata sibling species complex is an example of how new information emerges about different ecophysiological responses of `siblings', and the exclusion of rare species has seriously violated results from general ecological observations and theory, leading to unacceptable losses of ecological information. Expand
Vertical migration and mortality of benthos in dredged material—part I: Mollusca
Abstract Benthic invertebrates have many characteristics which make them prime candidates for burial studies in dredged material. A major concern in dredging and disposal projects is the effect ofExpand
Ecological Distribution of Polychaetous Annelids from the New England Outer Continental Shelf, Georges Bank
Four hundred and eight quantitative grab samples collected during the winter and spring of 1977 from the New England Continental Shelf yielded 333 species of polychaete site groups, which were molded by major physical, geologic and biologic processes which influence the productivity of this ecologically and economically important area. Expand