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Quantum Theory of Angular Momentum
This chapter affords a brief summary of the quantum theory of angular momentum. As the angular momentum of a charged particle is proportional to its magnetization, this subject is at the core of the
Ordering Energy Levels of Interacting Spin Systems
The total spin S is a good quantum number in problems of interacting spins. We have shown that for rather general antiferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic Hamiltonians, which need not exhibit translational
Two-Dimensional Ising Model as a Soluble Problem of Many Fermions
The two-dimensional Ising model for a system of interacting spins (or for the ordering of an AB alloy) on a square lattice is one of the very few nontrivial many-body problems that is exactly soluble
The Theory of Magnetism Made Simple:An Introduction To Physical Concepts And To Some Useful Mathematical Methods
The original edition of "The Theory of Magnetism" developed the various relevant topics using modern methods adapted for the many-body problem. It presented and taught the fermionic field theory
Exact Solution of a Many-Fermion System and Its Associated Boson Field
Luttinger’s exactly soluble model of a one-dimensional many-fermion system is discussed. We show that he did not solve his model properly because of the paradoxical fact that the density operator