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Modern Tests of Lorentz Invariance
  • D. Mattingly
  • Physics
    Living reviews in relativity
  • 22 February 2005
This review summarizes both the theoretical frameworks for tests of Lorentz invariance and experimental advances that have made new high precision tests possible.
Gravity with a dynamical preferred frame
We study a generally covariant model in which local Lorentz invariance is broken "spontaneously" by a dynamical unit timelike vector field $u^a$---the "aether". Such a model makes it possible to
Mechanics of universal horizons
Modified gravity models such as Ho\v{r}ava-Lifshitz gravity or Einstein-{\ae}ther theory violate local Lorentz invariance and therefore destroy the notion of a universal light cone. Despite this, in
Einstein-aether waves
Local Lorentz invariance violation can be realized by introducing extra tensor fields in the action that couple to matter. If the Lorentz violation is rotationally invariant in some frame, then it is
Threshold effects and Planck scale Lorentz violation: Combined constraints from high-energy astrophysics
Recent work has shown that dispersion relations with Planck scale Lorentz violation can produce observable effects at energies many orders of magnitude below the Planck energy M. This opens a window
Einstein-Aether theory
We review the status of "Einstein-Aether theory", a generally covariant theory of gravity coupled to a dynamical, unit timelike vector field that breaks local Lorentz symmetry. Aspects of waves,
TeV astrophysics constraints on Planck scale Lorentz violation
Cerenkov radiation, photon decay and photo-production of electron-positron pairs. We show that the parameter plane for cubic momentum terms in the dispersion relations is constrained to an order
New limits on Planck scale Lorentz violation in QED.
Using the report of polarized MeV emission from GRB021206 and the absence of vacuum Cerenkov radiation from synchrotron electrons in the Crab Nebula, previous bounds on possible Lorentz symmetry violation are improved.
Searching for traces of Planck-scale physics with high energy neutrinos
High energy cosmic neutrino observations provide a sensitive test of Lorentz invariance violation, which may be a consequence of quantum gravity theories. We consider a class of non-renormalizable,