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Laboratory evolution of high-redox potential laccases.
Thermostable laccases with a high-redox potential have been engineered through a strategy that combines directed evolution with rational approaches. The original laccase signal sequence was replacedExpand
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Laccase engineering: from rational design to directed evolution.
Laccases are multicopper oxidoreductases considered by many in the biotechonology field as the ultimate "green catalysts". This is mainly due to their broad substrate specificity and relativeExpand
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Laccase: a multi‐purpose biocatalyst at the forefront of biotechnology
Laccases are multicopper containing enzymes capable of performing one electron oxidation of a broad range of substrates. Using molecular oxygen as the final electron acceptor, they release only waterExpand
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Evolving thermostability in mutant libraries of ligninolytic oxidoreductases expressed in yeast
BackgroundIn the picture of a laboratory evolution experiment, to improve the thermostability whilst maintaining the activity requires of suitable procedures to generate diversity in combination withExpand
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Functional expression of a blood tolerant laccase in Pichia pastoris
BackgroundBasidiomycete high-redox potential laccases (HRPLs) working in human physiological fluids (pH 7.4, 150 mM NaCl) arise great interest in the engineering of 3D-nanobiodevices for biomedicalExpand
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Self-Powered Wireless Carbohydrate/Oxygen Sensitive Biodevice Based on Radio Signal Transmission
Here for the first time, we detail self-contained (wireless and self-powered) biodevices with wireless signal transmission. Specifically, we demonstrate the operation of self-sustained carbohydrateExpand
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Development of chimeric laccases by directed evolution
DNA recombination methods are useful tools to generate diversity in directed evolution protein engineering studies. We have designed an array of chimeric laccases with high‐redox potential by inExpand
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Blood tolerant laccase by directed evolution.
High-redox potential laccases are powerful biocatalysts with a wide range of applications in biotechnology. We have converted a thermostable laccase from a white-rot fungus into a blood tolerantExpand
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Tandem-yeast expression system for engineering and producing unspecific peroxygenase.
Unspecific peroxygenase (UPO) is a highly efficient biocatalyst with a peroxide dependent monooxygenase activity and many biotechnological applications, but the absence of suitable heterologousExpand
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Directed Evolution of Fungal Laccases
Fungal laccases are generalists biocatalysts with potential applications that range from bioremediation to novel green processes. Fuelled by molecular oxygen, these enzymes can act on dozens ofExpand
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